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Online Resources and Teaching Tools

BioSITE – Through the BioSITE program, over 500 students in the San Jose Unified School District are involved in a comprehensive environmental program focused on the banks of the Guadalupe River, where students collect and test water samples, look for plant and animal species, and document their findings.

Disney Nature Resources – K-12 educator guides to accompany Disney Nature films, with topics such as: caring for ocean animals, oceans, earth, and pollinators.  Website also includes volunteer and outdoor activity ideas for kids of all ages

EPA Environmental Education Resources – Homework resources, lesson plans, and project ideas for K-12 students and educators.  This website provides resources for learning and teaching about the environment.

CalMAX for California’s Schools – CalMAX provides a source of free or inexpensive used materials to California’s schools.

Project Wet – The Water Education Foundation is your resource for information about water resource issues.

Watching Our Watersheds – An interactive “story map” showing the historical creek and watershed habitats in Santa Clara Valley

The Water Beat Book – Games, movements, stories, songs, pictures, rhymes, celebrating our connection to water

Watershed Watch – Informative videos about free Watershed Watch educational programs and public services.

West Valley Clean Water Program Cartoon – Holiday gift wrap cartoon.

Environmental Distance Learning Resources from Valley Water

PreK-2nd grade

3rd-5th grade

Middle School

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