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Less-Toxic Gardening

Plant in handAre pests bugging you? If pests are taking over there might be a good reason! Integrated Pest Management (IPM) offers effective techniques and less-toxic products for controlling common pests. IPM is a method of controlling indoor and outdoor pests using the least toxic methods available through a combination of mechanical, biological and chemical controls.

Check our Pest Control Fact Sheets for solutions to your pest problems. Most local hardware stores and nurseries carry less-toxic products. Click here for a printable list of participating stores, and Less-Toxic Product List for a list of less toxic pest control products.

When all else fails, Ask the Gardening Expert!

If you are thinking about hiring someone to maintain your lawn and garden, check out the Santa Clara Valley Green Gardener page. These landscape professionals have been trained on sustainable landscape practices and will maintain your garden without the use of toxic chemicals.

Hiring an IPM Certified pest control company:

When hiring a professional pest control service, consider hiring an IPM Certified pest control company. IPM Certified practitioners employ a variety of common sense techniques to control pests effectively, minimizing the need to use pesticides. They can manage ants, roaches, flies, spiders, rodents, stinging insects, bed bugs and many other pests.

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