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…Dispose of Used Fluorescent Bulbs?

Lightbulbs & wetlandsKeep your family and water safe from mercury: Recycle fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent light bulbs at your local household hazardous waste facility and participating drop-off sites.

Fluorescent lamps save energy!!

Compared to standard incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps can reduce energy consumption by 50% and lighting costs by 30-38 percent. Fluorescent lamps last, on an average, 10 times longer than conventional lamps.

Fluorescent lamps contain mercury, so dispose of them correctly.

Improper lamp disposal is a human health and water pollution problem, because lamps broken in landfills or at home release mercury – a potent neurotoxin. Dispose of used fluorescent lamps at your local household hazardous waste collection centers. These centers send fluorescent lamps to specialized recycling facilities where the mercury in them is recovered for reuse, rather than escaping into the environment and polluting our water. (Note: fluorescent bulbs are safe to use)

For residents, Click here for a list of local drop-off locations for Fluorescent Bulbs. For businesses, call 408-299-7300 and ask for business drop-off.

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