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Renew Your Green Gardener Card

Your Green Gardener Certificate of Completion is good for one year.

People in outdoor classTo renew your Certification, you need show the Green Gardener program that you have received two hours (or the equivalent) of sustainable landscaping training each year.

The information below outlines the options for renewal of your Green Gardener Card.

There are three options for obtaining continuing education hours.

You need to complete only ONE of these to renew your card.



Green Gardener Customer Surveys
Request 3 of your customers to complete the customer survey.
Submit 3 completed customers surveys.
Click here to download/print blank customer survey


Submit 1 completed Green Gardener Self Assessment Tool

GG Card Renewal Forms

Please use the Renewal Forms below to fill out details of the option you chose and send it to us. The Renewal Form includes submittal instructions.

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