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Become a Green Gardener

Santa Clara Valley Green Gardener Training Program

Green Gardener ProgramIf you are a professional gardener or landscape maintenance worker looking to learn ways to conserve water, protect the soil, reduce the use of pesticides, create a healthier work environment, and expand your business prospects, you should consider attending a Santa Clara Valley Green Gardener Training. Registration is now open for the Winter 2023 Green Gardener Training.

Each training consists of 10 classes (one class held per week). Classes are taught in English.

Professional gardeners and landscape maintenance professionals who attend 80% of the classes and successfully complete an exam will receive a certificate of completion and their Santa Clara Valley Green Gardener Card.

Dates & Registration

The training consists of ten (10) classes. Upcoming training dates, time, cost, and location information will be posted here!

Learn To:

  • Design and fix sprinklers and drip irrigation systems
  • Select the right plants to save water and reduce the use of pesticides and fertilizers
  • Solve pest problems without using toxic pesticides
  • Prune correctly
  • Use compost and mulch to feed soils naturally and protect plants


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