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Santa Clara Valley Green Gardener Program


Is Your Gardener a Green Gardener?

Ask your gardener or yard maintenance professionals if they have been trained as Santa Clara Valley Green Gardeners

Santa Clara Valley Green Gardeners have received training to:

  • Use resources wisely, conserve water, protect the soil, and reduce waste
  • Improve the health, appearance and value of landscapes

Reduce urban runoff and stormwater pollution from landscape maintenance activities

To find the right person to create or maintain your garden or landscape, ask if they….

  • Water according to the needs of the season, the plant, and site soil conditions
  • Prune selectively and properly to compliment the natural form and needs of the plant
  • Use alternative approaches such as Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques, before turning to pesticides and herbicides
  • Help protect air quality by using hand-powered equipment or fuel-efficient, low-emission equipment
  • Check soil for fertility, texture, and moisture
  • Use compost and mulch to feed the soils naturally
  • Install water efficient irrigation systems and regularly maintain them
  • Compost plant debris and grass-cycle
  • Use local plant varieties that are California natives or adapted to our Mediterranean climate and not invasive species

CLICK HERE for a current listing of Santa Clara Valley certified Green Gardeners.

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