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Partnering with the Watershed Watch Campaign

How can you help?

grey heronBecause Watershed Watch is an active, purpose-driven campaign, we are not simply content to reach the community in traditional ways. That is what our partnership program is all about. We seek your participation to magnify the essential message of environmental responsibility, and bring awareness to the public that you are part of the solution.

Our campaign partners have made immense contributions to the Watershed Watch campaign. The campaign is constantly looking for new ways to partner with organizations, businesses and other groups so that our combined messages about watershed protection and pollution prevention will create an impact – resulting in a community that respects and preserves our valuable water resources.

You can add to the effective power of educational outreach through co-sponsorships of workshops or events, co-promotions, link and information exchanges, and whatever else your creativity inspires you to do. The watershed will benefit immeasurably from the strength, purpose and imagination you can bring to our combined efforts.

  • Linking our websites
  • Event sponsorships
  • Media/message sponsorships
  • Discounts on pollution prevention products and/or services
  • Display signage regarding pollution prevention products and/or services
  • Distribution of educational materials
  • Donating products or services to be used as incentives in the campaign
  • Doing your part to prevent urban runoff pollution

What’s in it for you?

Girl with boatAside from feeling great about helping the local environment and preserving water quality throughout the region, you will also benefit from increased community awareness of your organization, and the positive association of your organization as a steward in water pollution prevention.

Depending upon the nature of our partnership and your organization, you may also benefit from additional foot-traffic, added participation in your events, media exposure, and more.

What’s next?

Contact us to develop a partnership that benefits both you and the watershed.

Thank you!

The Watershed Watch Campaign and SCVURPPP provides this information for the use of our communities. Users of these services assume all liability directly or indirectly arising from use of this list. The listing of any business or entity is not to be construed as an actual or implied endorsement, recommendation, or warranty of such consultant, nor is criticism implied of similar consultants that are not listed. This disclaimer is applicable whether the information is obtained in hard copy or downloaded from the Internet.

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