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Meet Wendy Vuong | Green Gardener Spotlight

Flowers along sidewalkWendy Vuong, President of JJ&J Landscape Management, has an eye for sustainable design and maintenance.

Wendy enjoys working with commercial site managers and homeowners to bring their landscaping visions to life. She loves all flowers, shrubs, and trees equally, and she appreciates the unique benefits that each plant can bring. Wendy says, “Different plants can create different moods and styles, like paints on a canvas.”

As an experienced horticulturist, Wendy also knows that each plant has individual needs and growth conditions to consider. She teaches her customers the importance of placing plants in areas for which they are well suited. For example, a sunny site with sandy soil would be an ideal place for native, drought-tolerant plants. She understands that following the “Right plant, right place” green gardening concept improves water use efficiency, reduces the need for chemical fertilizers and herbicides, and ensures long-term plant survival.

Wendy cares for each yard and project as though it were her own. “It’s not a job. It’s a garden,” she says. In addition to good planning, Wendy believes that proper maintenance techniques can transform her customers’ landscape dreams into reality. Her team offers assistance with installing drip irrigation, applying mulch, pruning, and amending the soil to keep plants strong and healthy.

Flowers blooming outside of building

JJ&J Landscape Management is in Fremont and provides service throughout the Bay Area. To learn more, visit www.3JLandscape.com

Wendy and her team aim to create beautiful, sustainable landscapes across the Bay Area.

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