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About Watershed Watch Campaign

Water affects our environment, health and quality of life.

BirdsWithin the Santa Clara Valley, rainwater flows through storm drains, local creeks and rivers, and ultimately enters untreated into the San Francisco Bay. As rainwater flows to the Bay, it brings man-made pollutants encountered in the watershed, leading to urban runoff pollution.

The Watershed Watch Campaign is a public education initiative of the Santa Clara Valley Urban Runoff Pollution Prevention Program (SCVURPPP), an association of thirteen cities and towns in the Santa Clara Valley, Santa Clara County and the Santa Clara Valley Water District.

Launched in 2000, the Watershed Watch Campaign is a multi-year outreach campaign designed to increase the public’s awareness of watersheds and the resource value of local creeks, ultimately leading to behavior change.  The Campaign educates residents on urban runoff issues including pollution prevention and pollutants of concern (e.g.: pesticides, mercury, heavy metals and trash).

The campaign follows a “partnership” approach and coordinates its outreach with media, businesses and community organizations.  These organizations help augment Campaign messages and reach through their newsletters, websites, distribution of educational brochures and flyers, and by offering incentives to people practicing the desired pollution prevention behavior.

See informative videos about free Watershed Watch educational programs and public services.

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