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Upcoming Green Gardener Classes

Attract new business!

Become a Certified GREEN Gardener!

The Santa Clara Valley Green Gardener certification program is a ten-week course that trains landscape professionals to meet the demand for GREEN gardening practices. Classes will be taught in English and Spanish. The course is open to anyone who works for or owns a landscape maintenance business.

Green Gardener GraduatesParticipants will learn how to:

  • Conserve water
  • Protect the soil
  • Reduce the use of pesticides
  • Create a healthier work environment
  • Expand your business prospects

Professional gardeners and landscape maintenance professionals, who attend at least 8 of the classes and successfully complete an exam, will receive a certificate of completion and a Santa Clara Valley Green Gardener Card.

Check back for upcoming class announcements or send us a request to be notified.

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