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Where indicated, the Watershed Watch Booth will be present at events. Please stop by to pick up informational materials and cool giveaways!

South Bay Green Gardens Workshops and Events to help you learn how to conserve water, prevent pollution and promote healthy soils for a beautiful and sustainable landscape!

Thu 16Jul2020
Thu 15Oct2020

The Great Sign Hunt - Valley Water Sign Scavenger Hunt Contest

Looking for a fun social-distancing outdoor adventure to do this summer? Need to take a mindful break? Want to be eligible to win $50 or $500 gift cards? If so, join the Great Sign Hunt by taking a walk or hopping on your bike to find signs across Santa Clara County!

Valley Water, has partnered with the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition to create an outdoor “scavenger hunt” to help find Santa Clara Valley Water District signs which may need maintenance or replacement.

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Thu 15Oct2020

Zoom Webinar: Integrated Pest Management & Natural Pest Deterrent

From 7:00pm

Learn how to incorporate integrated pest management techniques and other natural alternatives to attract good bugs to your water-wise garden. Taught by Suzanne Bontempo and hosted by BAWSCA and the City of Milpitas.

Register FREE at https://bawsca.org/classes_2.php?id_evnt=339

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Mon 02Nov2020

Zoom Webinar: Rainwater Harvesting 101

From 7:00pm

Is your garden ready for the rain? Learn the methods for harvesting rainwater in your garden and using native plants to soak up the rain. Discover techniques for implementing rain gardens, rain barrels, and cisterns to collect winter rains. Taught by Chris Corvetti and hosted by BAWSCA and the City of Milpitas.

Register FREE at https://bawsca.org/classes_2.php?id_evnt=340

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