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Where indicated, the Watershed Watch Booth will be present at events. Please stop by to pick up informational materials and cool giveaways!

South Bay Green Gardens Workshops and Events to help you learn how to conserve water, prevent pollution and promote healthy soils for a beautiful and sustainable landscape!

Wed 03Mar2021

Birds of the Bay – Virtual event

From 10:00am until 11:00am

The San Francisco Bay Area is home to an amazing diversity of birds, and the passing of seasons bring new visitors to find as well as changing weather. We'll be discussing the whys, hows, and whos of bird migration, as well as how scientists study birds that fly hundreds of miles in their annual migrations.

On this tour of the Coyote Creek Watershed we're exploring the Bay-side of Coyote Creek in Milpitas.

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Thu 11Mar2021

A Walk Through a Bay Area Birder’s Garden Free Virtual Event

From 5:00pm

#BirdyHour Speaker Series with Barbara Coll

Join Barbara Coll as she walks through her garden live! As she walks around her yard, she will point out the feeders, plants, and water elements that attract the 63 species she has recorded in 30+ years of living in Menlo Park on the San Francisquito Creek. She will also discuss feeder/birdbath maintenance, the current Pine Siskin irruption and subsequent Salmonella outbreak, seed types, and which plants the birds love. Barbara will share many videos and photos of the birds that she sees from her home windows. She is also a fanatic eBird user and will introduce you to the Yard tracking feature.


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